Put a Cardigan Over It

21 Oct

I have been in the work force for about three years now.  Jobs have changed, coworkers have changed, but I think I’ve figured out the key to dressing for work on a budget that shouldn’t be wasted on office-wear:

Put a cardigan over it.

How utterly simple.  Wear whatever you want, however you want, but cover those shoulders with a cute cardigan and no one will have any idea that you wore that shirt for a dance party at the Middle East last week.  And fortunately you can’t go shopping anywhere these days without a cute cardigan attacking you.  Piece of cake!

Dulphine boa cardigan from J Crew (the model is not me, fyi)

And check this out!

James Thomas Brudenell, seventh earl of Cardigan

We get the name cardigan from this gentleman, a long-time military officer and MP.  Story goes that he wore the “knitted waistcoat” on his campaigns, and when he became popular after exploits in the Crimean War, shop owners started selling “cardigans” in droves.  Don’t idolize him too much though: accounts say he was an incompetent and pompous aristocrat.  But the sideburns are pretty electric.


2 Responses to “Put a Cardigan Over It”

  1. Kaileen October 22, 2010 at 2:31 pm #

    Seriously, all of a sudden I’ve been buying cardigans – I think I’ve just now realized the value they bring to my closet. Good call lady! Loving the blog.

  2. Coriana October 23, 2010 at 12:31 pm #

    The Crimean War was a great one for knitwear. The 1st Baron Raglan lost an arm and gave his name to a sleeve!

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