The Strange Mitten Trend

10 Nov

When I was growing up, I used to wear those huge, snowproof/rainproof/lifeproof mittens that came in every color.  They were never particularly fashionable, but they got the job done when you wanted to stay in the snow for hours.

Now, as a “grownup,” I am still quite attached to mittens.  Oh sure, I went through a GLOVES ONLY phase, and when I’m supposed to look very adult I will turn back to them. But mittens are so lovely and warm.  I distinctly remember a friend of mine in college wearing the mittens that have a string attaching them through her coat, and instead of thinking she was 10 years old, I thought they were adorable.  Mittens can be quite fashionable in their own right!  My snow leopard mittens are my favorite at the moment (not attached to each other).

HOWEVER.  When you have a moment, search for mittens on  You will notice a strange commonality: they are all FINGERLESS!  Ok, maybe not all, but a heavy amount of mittens are fingerless, and it’s baffling.  The whole point of mittens is to protect your fingers from the cold!  Are we so phone obsessed that we need our fingers accessible at all times to text?  The mittens are cute, no doubt about it.  But they are beyond impractical, even for one like me who will do a lot of things for fashion.

I bet this current trend was started someplace that doesn’t actually need mittens.

And check this out!

What is this, you ask?  It is a “Smitten Mitten, for holding hands when it’s cold outside.”  WHAT??

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