An Ode to the Side Ponytail

11 Nov

The best thing about having long hair?  The side ponytail.  And the only reason I would really consider letting my hair grow.  I’m in love with it right now, and I fully place the genesis of that love on Sookie Stackhouse.

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse

Who else looks great like with this style?  Let’s see, practically everyone.

Lauren Conrad

Brittany Snow

Keri Russell

I know bangs are the “new” hip thing, but I just can’t go back to those yet.  It was such a big deal in middle school to talk my mom into letting me grow them out.  Stand strong!  Show off a side ponytail instead!

I never wrote an ode, did I?  Blast.


One Response to “An Ode to the Side Ponytail”


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    […] longer.  Most days I like it.  It’s fun to play with, and looks good majority of the time (side ponytail!).  Of course, there are the moments when it gets caught in a zipper or under my bag on my […]

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