Concert Dress, aka the ’80s Revisited

19 Nov

People wear the most amazing things when performing.  And I’m not talking costumes in a play.  I mean real life, singing-in-a-concert-where-you-wear-your-own-clothes-with-a-few-guidelines performing.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice, and you are forced to buy something like this:

Minnesota State University Moorhead Concert Choir

Or even worse, this:

Standard concert wear, when you get to dress yourself, is a black tux and white shirt for men, and a black ensemble for women.  Floor length skirt or pants, and a top that has at least a 3/4 length sleeve.

Check out this group from Chicago:

The ensemble is small so there is not much room for variety, but the women get to wear what they want.  And how differently the ages represent themselves!   You notice quite a few tunics and blazers on the older ladies, while the youngest in front (I’m guessing) is in plainer and more form fitting clothing.  Different concepts of concert wear?

In the groups I’ve performed with through the years, concert attire has been fascinating to watch.  Before the actual night of the performance, I like to guess who will show up in the most outdated outfit.  I’ve seen many ’80s inspired shoulder pads, prom hair, velor and everything in between.  For at least a few people, this is their big shinning moment, so out comes that shirt from 10 years ago.

Just don’t get me started on soloist attire.


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