Thanksgiving, the Day to Wear…

24 Nov

So many holidays have a dress code, acknowledged or not.  On the Fourth of July you should try to wear red, white and blue.  On New Year’s Eve you are encouraged to wear something sparkly and short.  Well, maybe not the men.  But that would be a fun party.

So what about Thanksgiving?

If you are seeing relatives, you probably have to dress nicely. Sweater and jeans should do it.  It is a holiday around food, after all.  No need to go all out.

Perhaps you are having a simpler holiday with just a few really close friends or immediate family.  In that case, you probably get to watch the game.  Your old Bruschi jersey is just the thing.

Or maybe, instead of having to see anyone, you get to snuggle up with your cat or dog and watch made-for-tv movies all day long.  With slight breaks to grab food from the kitchen.  In that case, comfy clothes are a must.  Who needs to change?

This holiday is the best.  So many options!

One Response to “Thanksgiving, the Day to Wear…”

  1. Coriana November 28, 2010 at 10:34 am #

    One thing I would like to add: APRONS! Aprons are the greatest. One of my aunts made a bunch of reversible ones, in various colorful vintage-and-vintagesque patterns, with pockets on both sides, and my cousins and I had such fun rocking those in the kitchen this year as we rolled the dinner rolls. So don’t forget the aprons! One of the best fashion options on Thanksgiving.
    ~ c.

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