Costuming Gamma Rays

17 Dec

In the first week of January, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-on-the-Moon Marigolds is going up at the Factory Theatre.  I am costume designing the show, which is set in the 50s.  (Sadly, 50s couture is not appropriate for the show or I would be in heaven.)

Costuming a show with a very small budget is very different than whatever you did in college.  Plus I’m not really a seamstress, so creating clothing from scratch isn’t an option.  In a nutshell, a designer working on a fringe production has to find items in closets and Goodwill, and use whatever connections she has to theatres with costume storage.  And spend under $100 on the whole thing.

This particular show was cast in November.  Before the director made any casting decisions, I presented her with a costume plot of what I was envisioning the five characters would wear.  She made edits, I made changes, and by the time the actresses got to their first rehearsal, I had individual pages for each character with a complete breakdown of each item they would wear.  With pictures.

Since then, I’ve met the cast and any potential costume piece they might own.  Now it’s time for my search!  I’m shopping at a theatre this weekend, where I can hopefully borrow everything I need.  After that, I have to purchase small items and make sure everything fits each actor.  Fingers crossed!

One Response to “Costuming Gamma Rays”

  1. Coriana December 18, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

    a. I am psyched to come see your show one of the few times it does not overlap with my show!

    b. If there are things you need and cannot find, let me know, I might have them, and my collection is yours to pull from anytime you want (as you know)!

    c. love.

    ~ c.

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