A Furry Comeback

28 Dec

I have fantastic news: MUFFS ARE BACK!  How old school is that?  And I hope you are just as excited as I am.

Muffs have been around for centuries, used by both women and men at points.  Here’s a description of their usefulness from the 1912 edition of Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia:

A fur muff is one of the delights of existence. A woman often has cold hands, and a muff will save her positive suffering. And since the study of hygiene has increased our medical knowledge, we are aware of the dangers of cold extremities. Chilly hands and feet are apt to show a weak heart and a poor circulation. At any rate, they prove a want of vital power, and of that perfect health which is a modern desideratum. To warm one’s freezing fingers at the fire may mean chilblains, or, at the best, only a moment’s alleviation. A soft nest for one’s hands is a far better arrangement. So to every woman, whether rich or poor, a good muff has become a necessity.

I also love this guidance to help you choose your muff:

A stout woman should, on no account, select the same style of muff as would suit her slender and graceful sister. She must never use a big pillow of a muff, made of a fluffy, long-haired fur, such as skunk, bear, and opossum. As a rule, she will look her best with a moderate-sized muff of the square shape in one of the smooth, silky furs, such as sable, mink, or sealskin, or – if economy is necessary – in the ever-useful musquash.

As regards colour, ermine and white fox are furs quite unsuited to a woman of ample proportions. Chinchilla, too, is only one degree less objectionable.

A pretty woman can wear well-nigh everything, but even she should avoid what is merely fantastic. The huge muffs that have been used in recent winters are in nine cases out of ten grotesque. When a petite person of dainty proportions carries a muff the size of a bed-pillow the effect is nothing short of ludicrous. Even in the matter of her muff a woman should cultivate that triple blessing – a sense of proportion.

Muffs are still a lovely way to stay warm.  So many fabrics and patterns to chose from!  And thank goodness they come in faux fur these days.  You will most certainly stand out in a crowd.  Unfortunately, they are also extremely impractical for modern city living.  And any sort of public transportation.  But if you are on a date, walking through Boston Common…

Even Rihanna wears them, though apparently not for warmth…


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