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Cate Blanchett, A True Icon

28 Feb

Cate Blanchett has been an icon for me for a while- her choice of roles, acting prowess, and general poise in public makes her a phenomenal role model and movie star, two terms I do not use lightly.  And last night she blew me away with her fashion.

I expect this dress is not for everyone, but I absolutely LOVE IT.  The shape is so interesting, but stays feminine in the flowing skirt.  The bodice only works for flatter women (WIN!)- anyone with a fuller bust would look vulgar.  I’m not quite sold on the yellow- a softer yellow would have worked better- but I like how it makes the dress look much edgier.

I also love her haircut.  Ah, short hair, I miss you!

Here are some other looks from the past few years:

I want every single dress.  Donations, anyone?


Rihanna at the 2011 Grammys

15 Feb

Rihanna became a bit of a hero for me this weekend.  I still can’t stand “Love the Way You Lie,” but this dress!  Not many women could wear this and rock it like she did.

Your thoughts?

Edith Head

11 Feb

Edith Head, in case you didn’t know, is one of the most influential costume designers the world has ever known.

Edith Head stepped into her first job at Paramount in 1924 with almost no experience.  She had taken a few drawing classes, but borrowed a friend’s sketches to get the position.  Before she was done with Hollywood, she became the first female design head, garnered 35 Academy Award nominations and 8 wins (the most of any woman), and fashioned wardrobes for over 1,000 movies.

She was known for consulting with her actresses when designing their garments, which made her a great favorite to those lucky enough to work with her- Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers, etc.  Her work also had a restrained, timeless quality that appealed to many studio executives and directors, such as Hal Wallis and Alfred Hitchcock.

Films you might know her from, just to name a few:

  • Holiday Inn
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Double Indemnity
  • Roman Holiday
  • Sabrina
  • White Christmas
  • To Catch a Thief
  • The Trouble with Harry
  • The Court Jester
  • Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
  • Funny Face
  • Vertigo
  • Sweet Charity

Head herself was quite an icon.  With her dark, severe haircut and sunglasses, she was an instantly recognizable figure.  The consistency also had the added bonus of making her look ageless.

And don’t forget The Incredibles

Some tips:

• “The cardinal sin is not being badly dressed, but wearing the right thing in the wrong place.”

• “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to prove you’re a lady.”

• “Clothes not only can make the woman; they can make her several different women.”

Check out this blog for more sketches:  Cinema Style

For the full list of films: Edith Head

Making a Statement, One Necklace at a Time

10 Feb

Bored with your closet?  Itching to throw away everything and spend your whole paycheck(s) on new clothes?

Well a.), do throw out the crappy stuff.  Keep the pieces that still look decent, both in color and shape, but throw out those gross tank tops that you never wear but keep on the bottom of the shelf.  Please.

b.) Instead of spending all your rent money on new shirts, try updating your look with a few key statement necklaces instead.  These monster necklaces immediately snazz up any look and bring all the focus up top.  Just don’t be annoyed if people can’t stop looking at your chest, it’s not their fault.

Check these out:

My friends have a few awesome ones too:

Now it’s safe to go shopping…

Meshing for the First Time

4 Feb

Another fabric I am really starting to like: mesh.

I used to equate mesh with really awful skating costumes from the Olympics.

But while the skating outfits are still mostly horrible, mesh has worked its way onto dry land and just might be worth looking at off the rink.

As you can see, I like the pieces that include mesh, but aren’t overtaken by mesh.  This is not my thing:

I love the collar (and hat!), but I do not like the skirt.  It always feels strange, having a gauzy overlay that is longer than the slip.

But this- this is just lovely.