My Confusion with Socks

29 Mar

I have a confession to make: fashion and socks really confuse me.  When I think about fashion, socks never cross my mind.  I’m thinking about dresses and pumps and interesting pants or boots.  Socks are worn to make my boots comfortable, not something to display.  So why are these pictures popping up?

I like this outfit.  I like the lines and the colors and what I think is a plaid shirt under the sweater.  But I’m hesitant about the socks.  They aren’t much taller than the boots, which I like, and they are in the same color scheme as everything else.  Ok, I’m starting to get it.  I think I like the look.

But then I see shots like this.

MAKE IT STOP!  The shorts are horrible, the tights make no sense, and the socks are straight up awful.  Pretty girl, awful stylist.

So if we focus on a smaller distance between top of sock and top of boot, this should work, right?

Fail.  Why do I still hate it?  This might be a me thing, because I believe those boots belong in the 1620s with the Three Musketeers.  And should stay there.

One more try.

Love it!  I would love to see the rest of their outfits, but I like what’s in the shot.  A great use of color and bulky socks too.

So lessons learned:

– keep a small distance between the top of my boot and the top of my sock.  It’s ok to make the area bulky, but don’t go over board or it will look like I have donuts on my legs.  Gross.

– find pretty socks!  Stripes make me look twelve, so let’s not go there.

– wear with pants or thick leggings, not tights.  It just looks weird.

– chose the right pairing of boots with socks.  Not all boots and socks are made to work together.

Final thought: you will never see me in socks and pumps.  Hell to the no.

One Response to “My Confusion with Socks”

  1. Coriana April 1, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    Socks can be AWESOME. Come visit me at work sometime; I will take you through the Ozone catalogue and your mind will be blown. (Sadly, we did not pre-book some of the wilder things for next fall, because no one in Cambridge will buy them. But some of them were amazing, none the less.)

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