Stripes, Houndstooth and Florals, Oh My!

11 Apr

I am really enjoying all the flower patterns that are coming out this spring.  A few of them should stay on the tablecloth, but the rest are sweet and Victorian and I want to wear them all at once.  And it turns out, I CAN, so long as I’m careful.

I like these rules from Real Simple on wearing multiple patterns:

  1. Make sure one color repeats in every piece of the outfit (for example, navy paisley with navy, red, and white plaid).
  2. Combine loose prints with structured prints (like swirls with stripes).
  3. Blend small designs with larger-scale ones (such as gingham with bold flowers).

How easy is that!  The results are fantastic.

I especially love the model on the left:

There is always the Iris Apfel version, but I find her look too strong for me.  I think it’s the huge pieces she uses.  There’s not a lot of subtlety.


Happy mixing!


One Response to “Stripes, Houndstooth and Florals, Oh My!”

  1. Noah April 11, 2011 at 11:52 am #

    Wow. I know nothing about fashion, but liked a lot of these (the one at the top, the plaidy/blacky/stripey one, etc.)

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