The Philadelphia Story

22 Apr

I’d forgotten how great The Philadelphia Story is.  I remember liking it the first time I saw it, getting a big crush on Jimmy Stewart, and genuinely having no idea how the movie would end.  But watching it again last night reminded me that it’s simply brilliant.  The actors are well cast, the script is crisp and funny, and Katharine Hepburn straight up OWNS her character (Literally, too.  She owned the screen rights after she played the part on stage).

There are many fashion gems throughout the movie as well.  Released in 1940, it shows the start of the transition between the flowing, slinky gowns of the ’30s and the boxier shape of the ’40s.

Also notice the same shape to all of Hepburn’s clothes.  All of her dresses have a belt at the natural waist, with little feminine details to add some class.

Hats make an impressive appearance in the film as well.

My favorite:

As you have already seen, the men in the film look quite dapper and polished.   One just can’t go wrong in a well tailored suit.  (Did I mention Cary Grant’s character name is C.K. Dexter Haven?  Best name ever.)

And just for fun, since I love this shot and young Jimmy Stewart:


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