McQueen,the Sublime and the Frightening

18 Jul

I must ask you to go to New York City before August 7th.  Go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Wait in a long line for an hour and pretend to be interested in Mesopotamia.  And finally enjoy the epic-ness that is their summer exhibit, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.

McQueen is such a fascinating character.  His work is at once ferocious and majestic, sharp and voluminous, intricate and political.  In addition to all this, his work is very feminine.  His corsets have breasts and hips.  The tailoring has curves.

The exhibit delves into what they call his “romantic mind,” which includes elements of Victorian Gothic, nationalism, exoticism, primitivism, and naturalism.  I personally was drawn to the softer pieces, dresses that one could potentially wear in public without fear of hurting oneself.

And if softer isn’t your thing, never fear.  McQueen wasn’t really into “soft.”

“Life to me is a bit of a [Brothers] Grimm fairytale.”

Reuters, February 2001


2 Responses to “McQueen,the Sublime and the Frightening”

  1. renee part 2 July 20, 2011 at 9:17 am #

    i saw this exhibit as well! oh my fucking god, so cool. life = changed.

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