Blonde vs. Brunette

1 Feb

I think I might be having a hair identity crisis.  I’ve been growing it out for over a year now, not really sure what I want it to be but just allowing it to get longer and longer.  Most days I like it.  It’s fun to play with, and looks good majority of the time (side ponytail!).  Of course, there are the moments when it gets caught in a zipper or under my bag on my shoulder.  That’s just confusing – why is my hair so long that it can get caught in things?!  When did this happen?!

I’m training myself to accept that I have hair and to buy accessories for it.   Turns out there are many things to experiment with, who knew?

So no, that’s not my problem.  My bigger problem seems to be that I don’t know my own hair color.  Or perhaps it’s that my understanding of color is completely off from everyone else.  Repeatedly I’ve been referred to as blonde.  “She’s having a blonde moment” or “I told them to look for the blonde in the green shirt.” I AM NOT BLONDE, I AM A BRUNETTE!

Or am I.

No one can argue that I’m straight blonde.  And I’m fully aware that I am a lighter shade of brown than many others, including my own family.  But where is that line between blonde and brunette?  And who gets to determine where you belong?

At the start of fifth grade we were separated by hair color to meet fellow classmates.  Being fifth grade, I already knew everyone as much as I wanted to, except for a new, blonde girl named Melissa.  So I called myself blonde – the first and only time I have done that, I should add – so I could meet the new girl.  I thought for sure my teachers would call me out for being a brunette and cast me away to the other group, but they never did.  Was it because they felt bad for my poor, conflicted fifth grade self?  Or because they thought I was blonde too?

I’m not sure I’ll ever solve this puzzle.  I identify as a brunette, and get almost annoyed when people call me blonde, even as a compliment.  Why am I so against being seen as blonde?  Blondes have more fun, right?  Or am I taking the “stupid blonde” idea too much to heart?

I guess I should be thankful people compliment me on my hair at all, considering I do absolutely nothing with it. [Insert shout out to parents here.]

What do you think?


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