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Sporting Hamills

23 Feb

Recreational sports are so fun!  Or so I’ve been told.  Looks like my relatives enjoyed them quite a bit, enough to bring out the camera to capture a few moments.

Thomas Patrick 1925ish, looking dashing with a hat and tie. I hope they didn't get wet later...

Cliff, my grandfather, in 1948 and looking very tall. (The vehicle behind him is also fantastic.)

And my favorite:

Mary Ann Doyle. Do not get in her way.


Family, Pt. 2

8 Aug

Time to post some more family photos!  You will be interested to hear that we’ve traced a branch back to Ireland, and one ancestor was even killed by a horse-drawn trolly in Brooklyn.  I’m still waiting to hear of someone in jail… though I guess that applies for the present too (HA!).

From my father:

Joseph was my father’s uncle who died young. Dad says that after Joe died, Frances went to work full time, which meant Dad inherited a younger “brother,” his cousin Donald, and was strongly encouraged to take Donald with him where ever he went, which didn’t always go over so well.  When I was about 10 or so, Donald worked at Shea Stadium during Mets games in the summers, running up and down aisles throwing bags of Cracker Jacks to fans.


At least she looked happier for her wedding:

We originally thought my great grandfather here was in WWI garb, but now believe this might be a uniform for the Boy Scouts (or some version thereof).  More research to come!

Family, Pt. I

24 May

My father is starting a big research project on our family.  He’s been doing it on and off for years, but recently I’ve started getting old photos in my inbox, so I think he’s going to spend more time on it this summer.  He’s not quite sure who everyone is yet, but the photos are wonderful nonetheless.

Swimwear from the 1920s:

A family outing- LOVE his outfit and all the hats!

Photo op in the ’30s:

These two are kind of scary, considering they are related to me, but the photo is fantastic!

More to come, I hope!