Which Halloween are You?

27 Oct

I love Halloween.  Or more specifically, I love dressing up for Halloween.  I used to be indifferent, but the change came during my fall semester studying in London.  Though the UK is not that interested in the holiday,  we Americans decided to throw a party anyway.  Besides, one of my favorite people I was studying with ADORED the event.  “We’re actors, Louise.  This holiday is practically CREATED for actors!”

The hardest part, of course, is deciding what to do.  Melissa already knew what she was going to be (a punk rocker), but I couldn’t think of anything.  After lots of brainstorming and discussion, I landed on drunk housewife.  PERFECT.  I could borrow a shift and silk robe from a classmate, then add my own heels and sloppy makeup.  Insert curlers and hand me a martini glass, POOF, I am ready to go.

Ok, so these ladies weren't on tv at the time, but I can't find a picture of my costume. Perhaps a contemporary equivalent?

But when did Halloween become focused on sexifying things?  I mean sure, pick a sexy character like Jessica Rabbit or Lady Gaga.  I’m not sure I’d consider a drunk housewife sexy, but others might.  But really, how is it ok to dress up as Snow White by shrinking her skirt and wearing stiletto heels?  Or sexy nurse!  Sexy nurse drives me insane.  Is this just an excuse to wear as little as possible and get away with it?  I find that pretty demoralizing, if not downright the opposite of every feminist movement ever created. Oh, and last I checked, October is freaking cold in New England.

Or is the culprit actually laziness?  Perhaps people simply do not want to take the time to come up with something vaguely interesting or clever, so a gross, cheaply made bar maid outfit will do the trick.

Fortunately for me, I hang around with a lot of creative types.  There will probably be a few polyester costumes this weekend, but I’ve already heard plans for hula hoops and painted olives and guys dressing up as video game characters.  There might even be a Fran Drescher.  Now that’s the kind of Halloween I like!


2 Responses to “Which Halloween are You?”

  1. melanie October 27, 2010 at 11:39 am #

    Uh oh… Please keep in mind that we are not all creative like you and your fellow actors. If by chance one of your friends is neither creative nor does she enjoy drawing attention to herself is attending a Halloween party which you are hosting, please refrain from placing judgment upon her choice of costume.

    Re Slutty Costumes: I agree with your distaste of slutty halloween attire. On occasion I considered dressy slutty to mock the slutty dressers. I feel that if I were to dress slutty, I think it would come off as funny, not cliche, because it is quite out of character for me. In fact, I dare say I think you would find it hilarious if I dressed slutty.

    • Louise Hamill October 27, 2010 at 11:44 am #

      I won’t judge you, promise. But you’re right, I would LOVE IT if you specifically came sluttily dressed. No one else though.

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